Use these skills in a emergency

natural disaster emergency preparedness power outage survival

10 ways to make fire

Having fire in an emergency is crucial for survival, especially if the utilities are down or you are stranded in the middle of no-where.

Natural antibiotics

When store bought antibiotics runs out ,you may still need to fight infections use these natural alternatives to stay healthy learn new  survival skills during an emergency.

A aluminum can could save your life

Something as simple as a soda or beer can , could be used to save your life in a emergency.Theses survival skills are extremly valuable.

Emergency shelters

Whether its cold or hot you will want to have a shelter to protect you from the elements.Having survival skills to build a shelter can keep you safe.

Plants that keep bugs away

There are few things worse than being in a emergency AND having to deal with swarms of insects, find out what natural resources you can use, and develop survival skills to keep those pesky critters at bay.

Spiders = deadly and dangerous

Identify deadly and dangerous spiders and what to do if you are bitten. Learn new survival skills to avoid the spiders, or treat bites.